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5 Best Shows to Watch on TASTEMADE Home
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5 Best Shows to Watch on TASTEMADE Home

This channel is not currently available after June 7th, 2024.

Canada’s premier live and on-demand streaming TV app, RiverTV, has exciting news for its subscribers. It’s welcoming three fantastic channels—TASTEMADE TASTEMADE Home, and Gusto TV—to its core package, all without any additional cost. This move reinforces RiverTV’s commitment to offering its viewers a diverse and enriching entertainment experience.

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, 5 Best Shows to Watch on TASTEMADE Home

TASTEMADE Home – Where Every Space is a Canvas

Your home is more than just a place; it’s an expression of your personality and style. TASTEMADE Home understands this sentiment perfectly. It’s a channel that celebrates the art of home design, DIY projects, and interior aesthetics. Whether you’re a homeowner or a renter, TASTEMADE Home invites you to transform your living space into a haven that reflects your unique vibe.

Award-winning design shows and DIY-focused programming take center stage on TASTEMADE Home. It’s a gathering place for a new generation of homeowners and renters alike, where imperfections are embraced, and creativity knows no bounds. 

With its engaging content, TASTEMADE Home empowers viewers to infuse their living spaces with personality and charm, making every day feel a little more special.

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Best TASTEMADE Home Shows

Tastemade offers a diverse array of home improvement and design shows, with each series providing a unique take on renovation, design, and real estate. From transforming tiny spaces to exploring global homes, Tastemade’s lineup is a treasure trove for enthusiasts and homeowners alike.

1. Weekend Refresh

Weekend Refresh takes the DIY spirit to the next level, encouraging homeowners to revitalize their spaces with colour and paint. The hosts emphasize the impact of a quick refresh, showcasing how simple changes can lead to significant improvements, all within a reasonable budget.

2. Tiny House Nation

Tiny House Nation celebrates the creativity and practicality required to live in petite yet stylish spaces. The series challenges perceptions about square footage, demonstrating that a tiny house can still be a dream home, with detailed episodes directing focus on smart design and budget-friendly solutions.

3. Dream Home Makeover

Dream Home Makeover dives into the world of interior design, where skilled hosts partner with homeowners to transform ordinary spaces into exceptional retreats. With a focus on renovation and style, each episode delivers inspiration for viewers looking to make their own dream home a reality.

4. Themed Renovation Series

The Themed Renovation Series on Tastemade blends culture with home renovation. These shows explore various styles and themes, from New England traditional to German minimalism, allowing viewers to experience an array of world cuisine and cultural influences through the lens of home design.

5. Real Estate and Realty Shows

Tastemade’s real estate and reality shows provide an inside look into the competitive market, with series like Selling Sunset featuring the Oppenheim Group’s realtors. These shows often delve into the personal and professional lives of realtors, while shining a spotlight on luxurious properties and the strategies behind sealing the deal.

6. International Home Shows

Travel meets home design in Tastemade’s International Home Shows. The series transports audiences around the globe, uncovering how regional culture influences living spaces. The episodes are as much about the journey as they are about the destination, allowing viewers to indulge their wanderlust through the world of international real estate.

Home Shows for Different Audiences

Tastemade offers a range of home shows tailored to fit the diverse interests and needs of various viewers. From renters seeking budget-friendly DIY projects to first-time homeowners in need of interior design inspiration, and those fascinated by the luxury homes featured on shows like Selling Sunset, there’s something for everyone.

Home Shows for Renters

Renters often look for ways to personalize their spaces without making permanent changes. Tastemade’s “Weekend Refresh” focuses on quick, budget-friendly DIY projects that can make any rental feel like home. Each episode provides renters with creative solutions that respect their lease agreements and budget constraints.

Home Shows for First-Time Homeowners

First-time homeowners may feel overwhelmed with the responsibilities of their new investment. Tastemade’s home programming includes shows that guide these new homeowners through the basics of interior design and maintenance. Programs like “Beyond the Block” help viewers navigate the challenges of homeownership, prioritizing tasks and projects that align with their budget.

Shows for Luxury Home Enthusiasts

Those with an eye for high-end properties can indulge in shows that explore the world of luxury real estate. Tastemade provides content that features opulent homes and the lifestyle that accompanies them, akin to the lavish residences showcased by the Oppenheim Group on Netflix’s Selling Sunset. These shows not only display grandeur but also offer insight into the finer points of luxury living and design.

, 5 Best Shows to Watch on TASTEMADE Home

RiverTV – Your Gateway to Value-Packed Entertainment

RiverTV has positioned itself as the go-to destination for Canadians seeking an unparalleled streaming experience. With over 35+ channels in its core package, including the recent additions of these three channels, RiverTV continues to set new standards in the streaming industry. And the best part? There’s no additional cost for these exciting channels, making RiverTV even more enticing for current and prospective subscribers.

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RiverTV’s Unique Streaming Experience

RiverTV is not your typical streaming service; it’s a virtual broadcasting distribution undertaking (vBDU) that brings a unique and cable-free live and on-demand TV experience to Canadians. Unlike traditional cable providers, RiverTV eliminates the need for costly set-top boxes, cumbersome wires, contracts, or hidden fees. Instead, it offers instant access to a high-quality collection of popular channels directly through a user-friendly app.

With RiverTV, subscribers gain access to an extensive lineup of top-rated shows and movies from local Canadian stations like Global TV, CBC, YTV, and more. Whether you’re a fan of news, lifestyle, entertainment, reality, or children’s programming, RiverTV has you covered. Additionally, RiverTV provides a variety of add-on channels and packages, including Hollywood Suite, Super Channel, and an expanding selection of French-language and multicultural channels.

RiverTV’s commitment to offering flexibility, choice, and easy access to favorite TV entertainment has earned it a reputation as an industry innovator. As part of the Quebecor Inc. family of companies, RiverTV continues to evolve and redefine the Canadian streaming landscape, ensuring that viewers across the country can enjoy quality content on their terms.

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Savor the Flavor of RiverTV’s Expanded Offerings

The addition of these channels to RiverTV’s core package is a delectable treat for Canadian viewers. Gusto TV’s culinary delights, TASTEMADE’s vibrant lifestyle, and TASTEMADE Home’s design inspiration combine to create a diverse and enriching entertainment experience. 

With RiverTV’s commitment to providing excellent value, there’s never been a better time to explore the world of streaming TV in Canada. So, indulge your senses and elevate your entertainment with RiverTV’s expanded offerings.

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