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RiverTV vs. Stack TV: Which is Right for You?
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RiverTV vs. Stack TV: Which is Right for You?

RiverTV vs. Stack TV: Which is Right for You?

As live video-streaming subscription services, RiverTV and Stack TV offer an alternative solution to satellite and cable TV programming. Studies have found that adults only watch about 20 channels every month, despite paying for over 200 channels on a standard cable service.

Customers can dramatically cut their TV programming costs by choosing RiverTV or Stack TV. But which live video streaming service is right for you? 

We compared RiverTV vs Stack TV and RiverTV comes out the winner as the best value entertainment around for live and on demand TV to save you money over cable TV. See below for “why”. 

Why People Are Cutting the Cord to Cable 

With continually rising cable TV subscription costs, many people are cutting the cord and opting for streaming subscriptions to: 

  • Lower their bills.
  • Cut paying for programming they don’t watch.
  • Have access to more flexible viewing options instead of just live programming.

Another reason people are moving to streaming services because it cuts out advertising, which makes viewing more enjoyable. Subscribers can watch what they want when they want without being bombarded with annoying ads. But which streaming option is the best for watching Canadian-specific programming?

Stack TV

Number of Channels: 13

Price: $12.99/mo

Requirements: Amazon Prime membership, Internet connection

Stack TV is a video streaming subscription service available to Canadian Amazon Prime members. Launched in 2019, Stack TV offers live TV programming and on-demand programming.

Stack TV only offers thirteen live stream channels, some of the most popular in Canada. The channels it offers are:

  • Global
  • Food Network Canada
  • HGTV Canada
  • W Network
  • History
  • Adult Swim
  • Slice
  • Showcase
  • National Geographic
  • Lifetime
  • Teletoon
  • Treehouse
  • YTV

Stack TV primarily provides access to some popular live TV channels in Canada.

Advantages of Stack TV

Stack TV’s main benefits over RiverTV:

  • Affordable pricing as long as you are already an Amazon Prime member
  • Offers next-day on-demand from live air date

Disadvantages of Stack TV

Stack TV does have some disadvantages vs. RiverTV, cable, and satellite services:

  • It only has 13 channels  so a lot less content and programming choice 
  • Requires an Amazon Prime subscription
  • Some episodes of the current season are unavailable due to licensing
  • Pricing doesn’t have as much value because there are only a few channels
  • Need to combine with a Sports streaming service ie Sportsnet or TSN if you want full sports coverage ( same as StackTV) 
  • No TV Guide 
  • Limited viewing features   

River TV

Number of Channels: 45 in core package plus Add ons for a la carte channels

Price: $16.99/mo

Requirements: Internet connection

RiverTV is a subscription app that offers live TV and on-demand programming. With RiverTV, you have access to some of the biggest trending shows on TV, sports, family programming, and news. It also offers a huge list of on-demand movies and original programming.

RiverTV costs $4 more than Stack TV but offers all the same channels as Stack TV, plus 27 additional channels:

  • CBC
  • CHCH
  • Revolt
  • HIstory
  • History 2
  • Smithsonian
  • Fashion & Style 4K
  • Cottage Life
  • Make
  • T+E
  • Journey
  • Law & Crime
  • CBC News Network
  • Bloomberg Quicktakes
  • Cheddar News
  • Newsy
  • NewsMax
  • Euronews 
  • Family
  • Family Junior
  • WildBrainTV
  • Crime + Investigation
  • MovieTime
  • Silver Screen Classics
  • Rewind
  • Classic Reruns
  • Outdoor Sports
  • Allied E-Sports
  • World Poker Tour

RiverTV also offers an additional 50+ additional channels via theme pack/a-la-carte that come with a 30 day free trial as well. So you can customize your channel lineup.

Advantages of RiverTV

RiverTV advantages vs. Stack TV:

  • Triple the amount of live and on-demand channels for the a fraction of money more
  • Live and on demand content for 45 channels gives you a great range of programming and choice 
  • Ability to customize your subscription with “Add on” theme packs like Hollywood Suite and Super Channel – which are uncut and commercial -free  
  • Compatible with Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Google Play, Apple, and other preferred devices
  • Cool features like the sleek, user-friendly TV Guide and Look Back where you can scroll back in the TV guide and watch previously aired shows with a couple of clicks. 
  • Also Restart where you can restart to the beginning of a show if you come in late 
  • Web app to watch on your browser

Disadvantages of RiverTV

There are a few disadvantages of choosing RiverTV over your cable or satellite options:

  • Need to combine with a Sports streaming service ie Sportsnet or TSN if you want full sports coverage (same as StackTV)    

When RiverTV is a Better Fit for You

If you want to have a better selection of what to watch and a low monthly price of $16.99, check out  RiverTV because it provides more channels and on-demand options, creating a better overall value for your subscription. LiveTV is also incredibly flexible, playing on any device that can download applications or connect to the Internet. You can stream on up to 3 devices. 

RiverTV vs. Stack TV: Which is Right for You?

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RiverTV vs. Stack TV: Which is Right for You?

RiverTV Wins! 

Let’s summarize:

RiverTV has more channel options, more content, more features and with only a slightly higher price than Stack TV. Still only $16.99/mo and you get 45 channels

With Stack TV, you only get 13 channels for $12.99. Plus, you have to also subscribe to Amazon Prime, for an additional fee. 

For less than the cost of an Amazon Prime & Stack TV subscription,  you get 27 more channels and more value with RiverTV.  

Check out RiverTV today and find out for yourself with our 30 day free trial!

RiverTV is all things you love about TV without the hassles and expensive cost. Top quality TV content, latest hot shows, hit movies, binge-worthy reality series, news and much, much moreRiverTV is the affordable live and on demand TV solution – no cable boxes, no contracts, no hassle – just tons of content. Download the RiverTV app and start watching right away!