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5 Best History Channel Shows – History Top Shows
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5 Best History Channel Shows – History Top Shows

The History Channel is well-known for providing some of the best documentaries, shows, and movies. The channel’s commitment to detail is legendary in mainstream media.

Recent statistics have shown television reaches nearly 87% of Canadian adults. Despite the rise in streaming services, many people still crave straightforward entertainment bundles. The History Channel is great at accommodating people who love art, culture, history, drama, and mystery. 

It’s easy to get lost with so many options. Read our recommendations for the 5 best History Channel shows and why we love them.

Recent Developments from History Channel

The History Channel first got its start extensively covering World War II and technological innovation and science topics.

After the History Channel’s appearance in 1995, audiences have since enjoyed a wealth of compelling topics. Alongside history and technology, this channel targets alien enthusiasts, mythology fans, and lovers of music. History was originally not available in Canada, but recent acquisitions have expanded the History Channel’s reach. 

Excited to dive into the complex waters of the History Channel? We’ve got a few recommendations to get you started.

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The Curse of Oak Island

Are you a fan of mystery, ancient secrets, and more beautiful scenery than you can shake a stick at? The Curse Of Oak Island is a must-watch.

This reality television series first debuted in 2014 and turned heads for its detailed look into Oak Island, a mysterious island in Nova Scotia. This fascinating location has drawn countless visitors for its supposed hidden treasure. That said, there’s a catch. This island is also believed to be cursed, making it as dangerous as it is compelling.

Will the cast find the treasure and elude the curse? Tune into the Curse Of Oak Island when you’ve got a hankering for the unknown.

Beyond Oak Island

If you like the Curse Of Oak Island, you’ll be interested in the sequel series Beyond Oak Island. This show expands upon the original by going to all corners of the globe to find treasure.

The same cast looks at legendary treasure hunts, such as Blackbeard’s quests and the search for Aztec gold. This show is a real treat to watch for its commitment to detail and how well it digs beneath the surface of classic quests. If you’ve ever wondered as to the hands-on application of searching for buried treasure, you’ll be in heaven.

Check out Beyond Oak Island to blend the fantastic and the mundane with a 30-day free trial.

5 Best History Channel Shows – History Top Shows
A classic blue automobile parked in front of colorful buildings

Lost Car Rescue

Are you a fan of cars and history? Blend your passions together with Lost Car Rescue, a show dedicated to recovering vehicles in the Canadian wilderness.

Lost Car Rescue has a simple premise with a great execution. Not only does the lead cast dedicate themselves to recovering cars, they also study them to understand their origins. This process isn’t easy, due in no small part to the difficulties of excavation. 

Ready to learn about the cars of yore? Get down and dirty with Lost Car Rescue when you tune into the History Channel. 

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The Food That Built America

Food and history fans, this is the show for you. The Food That Built America dives deep into the delicious foundation that established the United States.

From exploring some of America’s first bakeries to studying food technology, this show has it all. Each episode follows a different food expert or restaurant owner to learn more about this country’s food history. By the time you’re done watching, you’ll be overflowing with inspiration and determination (and probably an appetite).

Check out The Food That Built America next time you have an appetite for innovation. 

Rust Valley Restores

Last but not least, we have Rust Valley Restores for car fans. While Lost Car Rescue focuses more on recovering and identifying cars, Rust Valley Restores emphasizes restoration.

Have you ever wondered how you can possibly turn a rust bucket into a gleaming collectible? This show is a masterclass in artistry, technology, and hard work. Each episode follows a central crew in their journey to provide the collectible car niche with new (or rather, old) additions. 

Rust Valley Restores is a dream show for artists, car enthusiasts, and history buffs alike. 

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5 Best History Channel Shows – History Top Shows
Two chefs talking and working at a restaurant

Ready to Get Watching History Channel?

Are you feeling the itch of curiosity already? The History Channel continues full steam ahead to provide us the best entertainment around.

Our 5 best History Channel shows this year are the following:

  • The Curse Of Oak Island
  • Beyond Oak Island
  • Lost Car Rescue
  • The Food That Built America
  • Rust Valley Restores

Take the guesswork out of your entertainment package. Contact us today for a free trial and start enjoying today’s best shows, movies, and documentaries.