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How Much Data Does Streaming Live TV Use?
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How Much Data Does Streaming Live TV Use?

Streaming Live TV transmits data sent in real-time without first being recorded, downloaded, or stored. Today, almost any media can be live-streamed, including Live TV broadcasts.

Unfortunately, you might notice a few inconvenient seconds of delay or “lag” when streaming anything, which may be caused by not having enough data available to you. The amount of this data needed is dependent on how much data usage is required, the number of people in the location, and the total amount of subscriptions and devices you use at one time.

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Understanding Data and Speed

There are important terms to know when learning and understanding data and speed. 

  • Data: Data references the information passed through the internet via uploads and downloads. It refers to the amount of bandwidth (or capacity of data) you have with your service provider. 
  • Internet Speed: This refers to the amount of data one can upload or download at one given time. Internet speed is measured in Mbps (megabits per second) or Gbps(gigabytes per second). For example, An internet speed of 500 Mbps means downloading up to 500 megabits of data in one second. 
  • Data Cap: This refers to a set limit on each service provider’s data for their internet. This term can be applied to mobile data plans and at-home or business Internet services. 
  • Data Throttling: Data throttling is a phrase that references the intentional slowing down of services by your internet service provider. Data throttling is used when a customer reaches their monthly limit or to minimize the “bandwidth” traffic in the area. 
  • Numbers: The numbers 720p, 1080p,and 4k are important. They refer to screen resolution (the number of lines of horizontal pixels). The higher the number of these, the higher the resolution will be. 
How Much Data Does Streaming Live TV Use?

Each streaming service can be widely different as a whole. However, it is helpful that TV streaming services usually use the same language and terms to make data limits and speeds easy to understand. Here are some of the most popular streaming services and the data usage information they provide. 

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River TV

River TV offers hassle-free streaming to its customers. It is a great affordable option and easy-to-use service with a large variety of live television and news to choose from and with a great lineup of movies, cartoons, and more. River TV offers all this more with low data usage numbers and quality programming. 

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You can soar through tons of nostalgic classics and view new Disney films and specials on this streaming service, Disney+. The average data usage is between 2-3 GB per hour when streaming through Disney Plus. However, a unique data saving option in the Disney+ settings can reduce this by almost half.


Netflix and chill, with about 1 GB/hour on average with the standard definition settings. However, high definition and 4k Ultra run over 6 GB per hour. Netflix began offering their already devoted movie subscribers the option to stream from anywhere they were in 2007. Since then, the industry has boomed worldwide. In North America alone, there are at least 50 services to choose from.


Today’s youth is obsessed with watching their daily YouTube videos, and adults probably use this service just as much. On average, a customer will use 2 gigabytes of data on a 720p standard-setting with this addictive streaming service. However, as with other popular streaming content, the high-quality streaming will run higher, about 16 gigabytes each hour.

Amazon Prime Video

Online shopping is at its peak, but if you don’t know, Amazon Prime has a video streaming service too. They run at about .38 GB every hour, 1.40 GB for 1080p., and only 6.84 for your ultimate viewer. Watch your favorite shows and films, and do your weekly shopping with Amazon Prime. The streaming service can be purchased with a Prime membership or stand-alone feature.


The streaming company Tubi is a little different, especially in its approach to data usage. It automatically adjusts its streaming serviceability to suit the bandwidth, making it hard to find a measurable number of data. On average, this amount would be about 4 Mbps or more to stream Tubi accurately and with decent quality. 

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ESPN has a streaming service that excels in that department when watching sports and sport-news-related topics. Although they do not show exact data on this matter, it does imply that someone should have an internet connection of 2 or more Mbps. Since you never want to miss that last winning game-play, a 4 Mbps or higher rate is recommended


Classic HBO Max service also adjusts its streaming to suit the bandwidth. The classic suggestion of 4 Mbps or higher is recommended for quality viewing. 

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How Much Data Does Streaming Live TV Use?

How Much Data Do I Need for Live TV?

How big is your household? To make things simple, The amount of data you require depends on the number of people in your home or business. It also varies if you have many smart devices around and changes due to the extensive list of companies you might subscribe to. TV streaming speeds can be anywhere between 80 and 2000 Mbps.

Live Streaming Data Usage – Final Thoughts

You probably won’t reach your services data cap, and there are always tricks and tips to keep your monthly usage low. However, worldwide, people love to be connected and stream their favorite television and movies carefree and with no lagging! Finding a Tv streaming service that flows evenly and efficiently through your household is one of the keys to a happy, entertained home. 

River TV is a breakthrough live TV and on-demand streaming service with over 40 bundled channels. Watch all of your favorite shows on Canada’s most popular entertainment and lifestyle networks. Start streaming today. Start now and get a free 30-day trial.