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house of gods, House of Gods: Trailer, Cast, Plot and Where to Watch
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House of Gods: Trailer, Cast, Plot and Where to Watch

Dive into the enthralling world of “House of Gods,” a spellbinding series that weaves a tale of ambition, faith, and family within a vibrant Iraqi-Australian community. 

This latest addition to RiverTV’s lineup stars a compelling cast and showcases a gripping narrative set against the backdrop of cultural and religious complexities.

house of gods, House of Gods: Trailer, Cast, Plot and Where to Watch

House of Gods Trailer Preview

House of Gods – Trailer (Source: Australian Teachers of Media)

As the revered patriarch of the Messenger Mosque ascends to the esteemed position of Head Cleric, the family finds themselves navigating a labyrinth of newfound power and privilege.

The trailer focuses on the family’s dynamics that will be tested as their world begins to unravel. It highlights the sister’s bid for power, the father’s fall, and teases the challenges faced.

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The Plot

“House of Gods” is a compelling drama series that revolves around the life of a prominent Iraqi family settled in Australia. They encounter the challenges of newfound power, politics, and privilege when their patriarch, Sheikh Mohammad, is appointed as the head cleric of a local mosque.

The narrative presents an intense realism, which director Fadia Abboud successfully infuses in each scene. The story is co-written by Blake Ayshford and Sarah Bassiuoni, based on the creation by Osamah Sami and Shahin Shafaei.

Characters are portrayed with a deep respect for dignity and honor, highlighting the complexity of individual choices against the backdrop of community expectations. The series is bold in tackling issues surrounding the protagonist’s powerful role within the mosque and the broader societal implications this has on his family.

Main Characters

In “House of Gods,” the main characters are at the heart of a compelling drama. Their experiences are intricately depicted, revealing personal and political challenges.


Osamah Sami: portrays the lead role, navigating the complexities of succeeding his father as the head cleric of a mosque. His character grapples with power, privilege, and the generation gap within his community and family.

Supporting Characters

Kamel El Basha: A key family member playing a pivotal part in the show, possibly involving a clash with the protagonist over varying visions for their future.

Maia Abbas: She takes on a significant role, likely offering a different perspective on the family’s situation within the community.

Simon Elrahi: Another crucial part of the familial structure that supports the narrative and progression of the protagonist’s journey.

Character Development

The family at the center of the narrative confronts challenges that emerge with newfound authority within their community.

Sheikh Mohammad: The patriarch, Sheikh Mohammad, portrayed with depth and nuance, experiences the turmoil of balancing his religious duties with familial obligations. His election as the head cleric brings unexpected pressures that test his integrity and leadership.

Osamah Sami: The creator himself takes on a significant role, adding layers of authenticity to the portrayal of family ties and personal ambition.

Kamel El Basha, Maia Abbas, Simon Elrahi: These actors contribute to the rich familial landscape, each bringing their character’s unique perspective to the narrative. The internal and external conflicts faced by their characters are brought to life with a blend of drama and realism.

The series expertly captures the personal cost of power, as each character grapples with the intertwining of faith, family, secrets, and lies. These elements serve as a backdrop for the growth and development each character undergoes, providing the audience with a multi-faceted viewing experience.

House of Gods: Trailer, Cast, Plot and Where to Watch
House of Gods SHOWCASE

Major Themes

Power Dynamics: House of Gods scrutinizes the entangled relationship between power, politics, and religion within a community. The narrative revolves around an Iraqi family in Australia, highlighting the challenges and responsibilities that come with ascending to a position of religious leadership.

Cultural Identity and Family: The series portrays the complexities of maintaining cultural identity within a modern society. It addresses how family members cope with their individual ambitions and collective heritage, particularly as they navigate life in the diaspora.

Patriarchal Influence: The show delves into patriarchal structures where the family’s patriarch, Sheikh Mohammad, becomes a central figure of authority.

Intergenerational Conflict: Tensions between the traditional values of older generations and the evolving beliefs of the younger members are a recurrent theme.

Theological Debate: Engaging in intellectual discussions, the characters explore different religious interpretations and practices.

Role of Women: The series also examines the varying degrees of empowerment within the Muslim community, with particular focus on female perspectives and experiences.

Community: House of Gods sheds light on the immigrant experience and the search for belonging. The family’s interaction with the wider community and their influence as leaders reveal the intricate balance between assimilation and cultural preservation.

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“House of Gods” unfolds within the vibrant Iraqi diaspora located in Fairfield, a western suburb of Sydney, Australia. This area is depicted as a tapestry interwoven with deep cultural and religious traditions of the Iraqi immigrant community.

The setting is central to the story, reflecting real-world locations and socioeconomic conditions. Fairfield serves as more than just a backdrop; it’s a character in its own right, shaping the events and the people within the narrative. The Iraqi community in this suburb closely holds onto their heritage, often drawing parallels from their life in Iraq to their current situations in Australia.

Here is a glance at the setting’s attributes:

Cultural Significance: Fairfield is portrayed as a hub for the Iraqi diaspora, combining both the struggles and triumphs of immigrant life.

Religious Centrality: The local mosque plays a pivotal role as a gathering place and symbolizes the religious tenor of the community.

Socioeconomic Backdrop: The series touches on various aspects of the immigrants’ socioeconomic status, challenges, and community dynamics.

This setting is not just a physical space but a reflection of the community’s psyche, providing a canvas for the series’ rich storytelling. It emphasizes how the environment is intertwined with the characters’ lives, beliefs, and personal journeys.

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Where to Watch House of Gods in Canada

Viewers in Canada looking to immerse themselves in the compelling narrative of “House of Gods” have several options to enjoy the TV series. The series is available on Showcase channel in Canada, which can be viewed on several streaming services.

Global TV app: The Global TV App allows users with a cable subscription to get streaming access to every network included in their cable package Global tv app offers Canadian audiences the opportunity to stream “House of Gods’ ‘ online with advertisements. If you don’t have cable TV, there are better options.

RiverTV:   It’s a streaming service with a vast library of films, TV shows, documentaries, and original content – shows like House of Gods are easily accessible with the user-friendly interface and personalized recommendations.It has lineup of 40+ live and On Demand channels, and Showcase is one of them.  Get a free 30 day trial of RiverTV here.

Stack TV: This is a streaming service that will also provide you access to the Showcase channel where House of Gods is streamed in Canada. But using it requires having an Amazon Prime subscription first. If that’s not suitable for you, RiverTV might be a better option.

house of gods, House of Gods: Trailer, Cast, Plot and Where to Watch

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Stream House of Gods on RiverTV Today!

RiverTV continues to solidify its position as a premier streaming platform in Canada by offering intriguing content such as “House of Gods.” With its compelling narrative, deep cultural insights, and stellar cast, this series is set to be the perfect binge-worthy show.

Whether you’re a fan of intricate family dramas or seeking to explore new cultural landscapes through film, RiverTV provides a gateway to a world of exceptional viewing experiences.
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