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5 Best Shows to Watch on TASTEMADE
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5 Best Shows to Watch on TASTEMADE

This channel is not currently available after June 7th, 2024.

Canada’s premier live and on-demand streaming TV app, RiverTV, has exciting news for its subscribers. It’s welcoming TASTEMADE—to its core package, all without any additional cost. This move reinforces RiverTV’s commitment to offering its viewers a diverse and enriching entertainment experience.

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TASTEMADE – Where Food and Lifestyle Collide

For those looking to embark on a culinary adventure and explore the world of lifestyle programming, TASTEMADE is the ultimate destination. This award-winning channel is your passport to a house party where everyone is invited. TASTEMADE’s content is carefully curated to inspire viewers to get off the couch and immerse themselves in new ideas, meet amazing people, and discover incredible places. It’s an invitation to live your best life every day, 24/7/365.

TASTEMADE brings together a vibrant community of creators, chefs, and lifestyle enthusiasts who share their passion for all things culinary and beyond. From mouthwatering recipes to travel escapades and creative DIY projects, TASTEMADE offers a treasure trove of content that empowers viewers to make the most of every moment. With its addition to the RiverTV core package, Canadian audiences have a front-row seat to this world of inspiration.

tastemade, 5 Best Shows to Watch on TASTEMADE

Best Shows on TASTEMADE

Tastemade’s lineup offers a rich variety of culinary shows, each with a unique angle on food and cooking, designed to entice food enthusiasts and inspire cooks of all levels.

Struggle Meals

Hosted by Frankie Celenza, Struggle Meals presents an array of budget-friendly recipes that turn modest ingredients into delicious and satisfying meals. Celenza’s energetic approach makes the most of each dollar, proving that frugality doesn’t sacrifice flavor or creativity. 

The show highlights everyday ingredients in surprising ways, making it a hit for those looking to stretch their food budget without compromising taste.

Pizza Week

Pizza Week is a celebration of all things pizza, featuring tips and tricks for crafting the perfect homemade pizza. Each episode dives into the intricacies of dough, sauce, and toppings, showcasing various styles and techniques. 

For pizza aficionados explore innovative recipes that elevate this beloved dish beyond the ordinary.

Flavorful Food Tour

This show takes viewers on a Flavorful Food Tour, a global journey experiencing the tastes and traditions of world cuisines. 

From the street food of Japan to the hearty dishes of Germany to the vibrant flavors of Mexico, each episode immerses the audience in a different culture, offering a look into the vast and varied world of flavor.

Baking the Holidays

In Baking the Holidays, viewers can indulge in the joy of holiday baking. Across The show dives into everything sweet and festive, from sugar cookies to gingerbread houses. 

Each episode presents a series of pastry presents, delivering the magic of the season through Christmas packages full of baked goods, and provides ample inspiration for holiday celebrations.

The Curious Chef

The Curious Chef is a culinary program that centers around nourishing meals infused with experimentation and discovery. Throughout the series, the chef invites various guests to explore different ingredients and techniques, making each episode a new adventure. 

Viewers seeking to expand their culinary horizons will find episodes 1 and 8 particularly enlightening, as they emphasize the intersections of nutrition, taste, and culinary curiosity.

Seasonal and Themed Programming

Tastemade’s lineup of shows often embraces the spirit of the seasons and the variety of holidays through its thoughtfully curated thematic content, ensuring viewers have access to a range of programming that reflects the time of year, celebrations, and global culinary inspirations.

Chilly Fall Days

When the leaves start to turn and the air gets crisp, Tastemade rolls out shows like “Struggle Kitchen,” where chefs create comfort foods perfect for Chilly Fall Days. Season 9 brings the warmth of the kitchen to viewers with hearty meals that emphasize the season’s best meat and produce.

Holiday Delights

The festive period is a time for Gift Giving and sweet treats. Viewers can indulge in episodes that teach how to whip up the perfect Bundt Cake and Shortbread. With special Christmas packages, Tastemade showcases the joy of baking and creating holiday delights that bring smiles to faces and warmth to homes.

International Cuisine Week

During International Cuisine Week, Tastemade takes viewers on a Flavorful Food Tour to places like Japan, Germany, and Mexico. This week-long event celebrates the global kitchen with an array of dishes that symbolize the countries’ rich culinary heritage, offering insights into how traditional meals are prepared using local ingredients.

Tastemade’s Culinary Talent

Tastemade showcases a diverse range of culinary talent, with chefs and hosts bringing their expertise and unique cooking styles to viewers around the world.

Tastemade’s lineup of featured chefs includes personalities like Frankie Celenza, widely recognized for his approachable cooking style and engaging on-screen presence. Celenza has been instrumental in bringing approachable recipes and cooking techniques to audiences through various Tastemade episodes, empowering viewers to explore their culinary skills.

  • Frankie Celenza
    • Show: “Struggle Meals”
    • Specializes in: Easy, budget-friendly meals

Another notable Tastemade chef is Mia, also known as The Curious Chef, who delves into the science behind cooking. She demystifies complex recipes and showcases how a deeper understanding of ingredients can enhance the cooking experience.

  • Mia (The Curious Chef)
    • Show: “Pretty Healthy”
    • Specializes in: Nutritious and scientifically-informed recipes

Guest Cooks

The platform also opens its kitchen to a variety of guest cooks – talented individuals with a passion for food and teaching. These guests come from diverse backgrounds and contribute their unique flavors and culinary knowledge, enriching Tastemade’s content.

Guests have included acclaimed chefs from the top echelons of the culinary world, local cooking enthusiasts with traditional recipes, and experts with specialized knowledge in areas such as pastry or regional cuisines. Through their participation, these guest cooks help to expand the repertoire of Tastemade’s programming, offering fresh perspectives and new dishes to the global audience.

RiverTV – Your Gateway to Value-Packed Entertainment

RiverTV has positioned itself as the go-to destination for Canadians seeking an unparalleled streaming experience. With over 40 channels in its core package, including the recent additions of these three channels, RiverTV continues to set new standards in the streaming industry. And the best part? There’s no additional cost for these exciting channels, making RiverTV even more enticing for current and prospective subscribers.

tastemade, 5 Best Shows to Watch on TASTEMADE

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RiverTV’s Unique Streaming Experience

RiverTV is not your typical streaming service; it’s a virtual broadcasting distribution undertaking (vBDU) that brings a unique and cable-free live and on-demand TV experience to Canadians. Unlike traditional cable providers, RiverTV eliminates the need for costly set-top boxes, cumbersome wires, contracts, or hidden fees. Instead, it offers instant access to a high-quality collection of popular channels directly through a user-friendly app.

With RiverTV, subscribers gain access to an extensive lineup of top-rated shows and movies from local Canadian stations like Global TV, CBC, YTV, and more. Whether you’re a fan of news, lifestyle, entertainment, reality, or children’s programming, RiverTV has you covered. Additionally, RiverTV provides a variety of add-on channels and packages, including Hollywood Suite, Super Channel, and an expanding selection of French-language and multicultural channels.

RiverTV’s commitment to offering flexibility, choice, and easy access to favorite TV entertainment has earned it a reputation as an industry innovator. As part of the Quebecor Inc. family of companies, RiverTV continues to evolve and redefine the Canadian streaming landscape, ensuring that viewers across the country can enjoy quality content on their terms.

Want to elevate your streaming experience? Try RiverTV’s 30-day free trial and access thousands of hours of on-demand entertainment today.

Savour the Flavor of RiverTV’s Expanded Offerings

The addition of these channels to RiverTV’s core package is a delectable treat for Canadian viewers. TASTEMADE’s vibrant lifestyle creates a diverse and enriching entertainment experience. 

With RiverTV’s commitment to providing excellent value, there’s never been a better time to explore the world of streaming TV in Canada. So, indulge your senses and elevate your entertainment with RiverTV’s expanded offerings.

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