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How to Watch Fantasy Island Without Cable Live in 2021
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How to Watch Fantasy Island Without Cable Live in 2021

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With RiverTV, you can watch Fantasy Island that airs on Tuesdays at 9 pm EST on Global. If you can’t tune in live, don’t worry–Fantasy Island will be on-demand through our app!

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How to Watch Fantasy Island Without Cable Live in 2021

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How to Watch Fantasy Island Without Cable Live in 2021

How to find it on RiverTV
Fantasy Island is a new and TV series available on RiverTV.

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How to Watch Fantasy Island Without Cable Live in 2021

What is the show Fantasy Island about? 

It’s a show about individuals who are given their heart’s desire and stay there for however long they want it to be. The show is about dreaming of the perfect life and then striving to get it in real life, or getting a taste of it anyway. A sort of wish fulfillment and adventure in one, “Fantasy Island” is bringing an old, but still popular television series back to life – a show that has been on television since 1978. It’s time for your dream life. 

The exciting new take on the original “Fantasy Island” series will feature a female character for viewers to identify with and appreciate. Playing Ms. Elena Roarke, Puerto Rican actress Roselyn Sanchez brings her knowledge of acting as well as bilingual skills to this widely anticipated remake that is sure to be full of surprises!

What are the main characters in the Fantasy Island reboot?

Roselyn Sanchez as Elena Roarke

Sanchez’s past is jam-packed with a number of fascinating accomplishments. As a soap star she starred in  As the World Turns, Desperate Housewives and Devious Maids as well as Rush Hour 2. Sanchez was also Latin Grammy nominated for her album and has been named one of Maxim’s “Hot 100”, “hottest women” in the world.

Sanchez will be the captain of the new Fantasy Island ship in which her character is Elena Roarke, a grandniece of Montalban’s character from the original show. Elena will be reluctant to head there at first because it had been in her family for years.

“She actually wanted to have a normal life. But it was her turn to take over, and she has. She was in love, she had a fiancé, she wanted to be married, she was going to go to grad school,” Sanchez explained to The Wrap. “And then, because of reasons that will be revealed if you watch the show, she didn’t have a choice… it takes her a little bit to actually realize that the love of her life might be the island and what she does for a living.

Kiara Barnes as Ruby

Kiara Barnes another former soap opera alum ended her run on The Bold and the Beautiful. This show’s Tattoo is a surprising twist. Ruby is an artist who falls in love with the idea of a perfect life without pain or disease. A man named Mel has a plan to use the river network’s fantasy island to make this wish come true for her and he gets her his tattoo (get it?). However, ultimately she decides not to leave the island because she sees that Elena needed her help with the island and its magical hold over people.

 “Elena really sees her as someone who has an opportunity to live again in a whole new way. And there aren’t that many people who come to the island who could do that,” says Fain.

John Gabriel Rodriguez as Javier

John Gabriel Rodriquez also appeared on a soap briefly, playing an uncredited role in General Hospital in 2007. He’s had recurring roles on Vampire Diaries and NCIS as well.

Javier is the handsome pilot who flies guests to the island each week, so viewers will be seeing a lot of him. Sparks flew between Elena and Javier; the two characters had hinted at a shared romantic past. 

So where does that relationship go next? You’ll need to tune into Fantasy Island which airs every Tuesday on Global with RiverTV

Why should you watch this new series? 

Watching this series will help you to wish for the perfect life and then go for it! It offers reality TV at its best giving you all of the drama of a real-life but on your terms. This fantasy is not meant only for adults, though. It’s entertaining for the whole family!


RiverTV is a breakthrough, over-the-top live TV and on-demand streaming service with over 30 bundled channels, including popular entertainment and lifestyle networks in Canada. Available on your favorite streaming devices, RiverTV provides affordable, “cable-free” live TV, without messy wires, costly set-top boxes, lengthy installation, and term contracts. Shows such as Fantasy Island are the perfect example of how this company is paving the way for other networks to follow suit and create content that we want to watch. Tune in every Tuesday at 9 pm on Global to catch new episodes of this series. If you’re looking for something fresh and different than what TV has been offering lately, tune into RiverTV today and sign up for the 7-day trial!