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Married at First Sight: Plot and Where to Watch
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Married at First Sight: Plot and Where to Watch

Married at First Sight” is an American reality television series with a novel approach to traditional matchmaking. The series centres around individuals who agree to participate in an extreme social experiment: they legally marry a complete stranger the moment they first meet.

With the 17th season set in Denver, Colorado, “Married at First Sight” has continued to evolve, providing audiences with insights into the dynamics of marriage, commitment, and love.

, Married at First Sight: Plot and Where to Watch

Concept and Format

“Married at First Sight” amalgamates psychological scrutiny with social experimentation, as strangers legally wed upon their first encounter, navigating their newly formed relationships under the public eye.

Origins and Development

“Married at First Sight” originated in Denmark before achieving international fame. The premise that captivated millions hinges on a simple, yet controversial premise: people agreeing to marry upon first meeting, legally binding themselves to a complete stranger.

Format of the Show

The format is both straightforward and complex: couples meet for the first time at the altar, immediately celebrating their nuptials. 

Post-wedding, the show chronicles their interactions and relationship milestones—including honeymoons and living together—culminating in “Decision Day,” when they choose whether to stay married or divorce.

Selection Process

Prospective participants undergo a rigorous multi-phase application process. They provide detailed personal information, participate in interviews, and complete various assessments. This thorough vetting helps the show’s experts devise matches with the best chances of marital success.

Matching Criteria

Experts employ a methodological approach to pairing individuals. They analyse in-depth interviews, personality tests, and background information to ascertain compatibility. Crucially, the goal is to match couples based on shared values and long-term potential, beyond mere initial attraction.

Influence on Marriage Culture

MAFS introduces the concept of arranged marriage to a wider audience, often contrasting it with the generally higher divorce rates observed in non-arranged marriages in the United States. 

The show raises questions about the components of a successful marriage, including compatibility, expert intervention, and societal expectations.

Success Stories

The enduring relationships formed on “Married at First Sight” demonstrate that love can grow in the most unconventional circumstances. The show boasts a handful of couples who, against odds, remain together long after the cameras stop rolling.

Notable Couples

  • Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner (Season 1): As the pioneering success story, they have proven the show’s concept by remaining married and expanding their family.
  • Ashley Petta and Anthony D’Amico (Season 5): This couple has also found lasting love through the series, showcasing commitment and growth in their relationship.

Follow-Up with Participants

It is reported that, throughout all seasons aired, the success rate of the couples staying together hovers at approximately 27 percent. 

Updates on these successful pairings often reveal insights into what makes a marriage work beyond the confines of the experimental setup, providing a greater understanding of relationship dynamics in unconventional unions.

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Production Details

The production of “Married at First Sight” has unique intricacies from its filming locations to the broadcast method. Details such as the creators’ intent and the show’s evolution all contribute to its overall structure.

Filming Locations

The series has been filmed across various locations in the United States. Each season typically focuses on one city, providing a fresh backdrop for the unfolding relationships and drama.

Show Runners and Creators

The show was originally conceived in the Netherlands. In the United States, it has been attributed to the creators at FYI Network. Over the years, the expert panel has shifted, but the core team responsible for pairing the couples has always included professionals with backgrounds in psychology, sociology, and relationship coaching.

International Versions

As a reality television phenomenon, “Married at First Sight” has expanded well beyond its Danish origins to captivate audiences around the globe with its unique take on matchmaking and marriage.

Adaptations in Other Countries

  • Denmark: Originating as “Gift ved første blik,” the Danish version set the foundation for the format.
  • United States: Premiering in 2014 with adaptations to American culture.
  • Australia: Launched with significant viewership, featuring non-legally binding ceremonies that emulate weddings.
  • Europe: Countries including France, Germany, Sweden, and Italy have created their own versions.
  • Global Reach: The format has sold to broadcasters in 13 countries, each with tailored nuances to appeal to local viewers.

Availability of Married at First Sight in Canada

Canadian fans of “Married at First Sight” have multiple options for streaming their favourite reality show.

RiverTV offers a varied library of content, including “Married at First Sight,” available with a $16.99 monthly subscription. The best part is RiverTV offers a risk free 30 day trial – so patrons can catch-up episodes and fall in love with our service at the same time! As part our programming, Season 17 premiered on October 18, 2023.

Viewers can also consider STACK TV, which includes access to Lifetime for $17.72 per month, following a 14-day free trial. But keep in mind that STACK TV requires an Amazon Prime subscription.

For a more detailed comparison of the two platforms check out our guide, RiverTV vs. Stack TV: Which is Right for You?

The show’s streaming performance is tracked by JustWatch, where its popularity fluctuates daily. As of the latest update, the show is available on JustWatch, indicating valid streams are present for Canadian audiences.

Viewers can enjoy the series across the mentioned services, keeping in mind the necessity of a subscription and potential regional restrictions.

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Married at First Sight: Plot and Where to Watch
Married at First Sight

Streaming Channels for Married at First Sight

For fans of “Married at First Sight” in Canada, there are several streaming options available to catch up with all the latest episodes.

Beyond RiverTV live streaming of Lifetime, other platforms include:

Lifetime Canada

Lifetime is the original network broadcasting Married at First Sight. Canadian viewers can access full episodes and seasons on Lifetime Canada through various cable, streaming, or satellite packages. 

  • Availability: Current Season (with cable, streaming, or satellite subscription)
  • How to Access: Through cable/satellite providers that include the Lifetime channel


Hayu is a streaming platform known for providing a wide range of reality TV shows. Canadian subscribers can stream past seasons of Married at First Sight on demand.

  • Availability: Past Seasons
  • How to Access: Subscription to Hayu service

Cable Television Providers

In Canada, various cable television providers offer access to the channel that airs “Married at First Sight.” Subscribers can tune in through providers including Shaw Direct, Rogers Cable, and Bell Fibe TV, ensuring they catch every episode of the reality series.

Shaw Direct

Shaw Direct customers have the option to add Lifetime, the channel that broadcasts “Married at First Sight,” to their channel lineup. The process is straightforward and can usually be managed online through their account or by contacting Shaw Direct customer service.

Rogers Cable

Rogers Cable provides a selection of packages and add-ons, allowing viewers to customize their viewing experience. Lifetime can be included in one of these packages, enabling Rogers Cable subscribers to watch “Married at First Sight” as it airs.

Bell Fibe TV

Bell Fibe TV offer Lifetime in several of their television packages. Viewers can opt for a package that includes a variety of channels along with Lifetime to stay up-to-date with the latest episodes of “Married at First Sight.” 

Bell Fibe TV also provides the flexibility to add individual channels to existing packages.

, Married at First Sight: Plot and Where to Watch

Get Started Watching “Married at First Sight” with RiverTV

As the series ventures into its 17th season set in Denver, Colorado, it continues to captivate audiences with its blend of emotional depth, psychological insight, and raw human experience. 

Canadian viewers looking to embark on this intriguing journey alongside the participants have various streaming options at their disposal, with RiverTV presenting an accessible and convenient platform to catch every moment of this social experiment. 

Whether it’s the initial sparks of attraction, the challenges of cohabitation, or the decisive moments of “Decision Day,” “Married at First Sight” promises a compelling narrative of the search for love under the most unconventional circumstances.

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