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RiverTV – More Channels! Same Price!

RiverTV  now has even more channels included as part of your streaming service to watch and enjoy. We have recently added three great new channels to the RiverTV package – a new channel focusing on travel, Journy, to help us get through these home-bound months, our first sports channel, Outdoor Sports Channel, featuring unique sporting events from around the world, and Euronews, covering current events from a European perspective.

Filled with original programming, this is content you will not find on Netflix.

Here’s some info on each channel as well as the channel number in your TV Guide for quick access.

JOURNY (#32)

JOURNY is high level, immersive travel – entertainment, showcasing the fascinating intersection of travel, art and culture. This captivating channel features award-wining series centered around world travel, cultural tourism and global citizenry with moving stories and inspiring voices to entertain us all. Check out popular favorite shows such as, Travels with Darley, David Rocco: Dolce Naploi, Jouny World Docs and much more.

(Video links with small edit)

Outdoor Sports Channel (#34)

Outdoor Sports Channel is a new international outdoor sports channel covering many major outdoor international sports events, all in one television network. Watch LIVE sports events on your screen! Nascar, Formula 1, Indy Car plus Baseball, Golf, Tennis, Football, Surfing, Beach Volleyball, Track and so much more.  Outdoor Sports Channel delivers on outdoor sports coverage and prides itself on being an exclusive, fun and family-friendly sports channel.

Euronews (#31)

Euronews is the most watched news channel in continental Europe providing independent news and a unique multi-language news model.  Euronews reports live every day from across the world with a team of 500 journalists of more than 30 different nationalities, 24/7. Stay up to the minute with Euronews in English on channel 31. Euronews in French will be available soon when we launch our Add On feature.

We hope that you enjoy these new channels, and stay tuned as more channel updates are coming.

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