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How to Watch Rick and Morty Season 6 Online in Canada
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How to Watch Rick and Morty Season 6 Online in Canada

Rick And Morty remains the darling of Adult Swim. With several Emmy nominations and wins over the past several years, you’ll definitely want to tune in for the next season.

There’s just one little problem standing between you and a binge session: where do you watch the new season? Canadian television viewership is growing in number thanks to offerings like RiverTV. We make it easy to stay caught up on all the latest live-action and animated shows with our flexible offerings!

Whether you’re a hardcore viewer of the series or want to get into it, you won’t want to miss our guide below.

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The Plot of Rick And Morty

What makes Rick And Morty such an enduring series across multiple demographics? This fun fact may have something to do with the hilarious writing and creative plot twists in each season.

Rick And Morty centers around an ageing mad scientist and his hapless grandson, following their adventures through time and space. Along the way our protagonists run into all sorts of bizarre situations that require the most creative solutions. Adult animation continues to impress audiences around the world with witty dialogue and plenty of gut-busting humour. 

Comedy fans and sci-fi fans alike fall in love with Rick And Morty. If this show sounds like your cup of tea, we’ll explain how to tune in.

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, How to Watch Rick and Morty Season 6 Online in Canada

Who is RiverTV?

Modern media is a mess of subscription models and complex packages. We believe it’s time to offer people a hassle-free way of enjoying their favourite shows or movies.

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What Channels Does RiverTV Have?

We offer one of the most accessible, comprehensive and diverse channel lists online. Mystery, sci-fi, comedy, reality television, and cooking are just a few of the genres we offer!

We offer dozens of popular, classic, and new channels for you to enjoy. A few of the channels we offer include:

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How Many Episodes of Rick And Morty Season 6 Are There?

Rick And Morty Season 6 is believed to have ten episodes. It premiered on September 4th and is available to watch using RiverTV.

The full release dates for all the episodes haven’t been released yet. A few of the episode titles you should look out for are the following:

  • Episode 1: Solaricks
  • Episode 2: A Mort Well Lived
  • Episode 3: BethicTwinstinct
  • Episode 4: Night Family
  • Episode 5: Final DeSmithation

How You Can Stream Rick And Morty Season 6 Online in Canada

We offer two packages on RiverTV: Live TV and On Demand. Which option will suit you the best? We’ll compare the two below.

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Watch Rick And Morty With Live TV

Our Live TV option is available through several devices such as your laptop, home computer, or your tablet. You can use RiverTV with the following apps: 

  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Roku
  • Apple TV
  • Google Play

Watch Rick And Morty With On Demand

If you want to watch the best content anywhere at any time, consider our On Demand package deal. We have a 30-day free trial for you to enjoy as you figure out what suits you best!

Just get our RiverTV app and start watching.

, How to Watch Rick and Morty Season 6 Online in Canada

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