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Buddy Games: How to Watch the New Game Show
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Buddy Games: How to Watch the New Game Show

Josh Duhamel, the man behind the curtain, is bringing us a thrilling game show called Buddy Games. Inspired by his own passion for competitive games played with friends, this new show is set to hit the screens on Global in Canada as part of their TV lineup. As the strike in the entertainment industry continues, CBS is turning to reality TV and game shows to keep their primetime slots filled. 

Let’s delve into the premise of Buddy Games, introduce you to the charismatic host, Josh Duhamel, and get to know the six teams of friends who are ready to embark on this adventure. Plus, we’ll tell you where and how you can catch all the action.

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, Buddy Games: How to Watch the New Game Show

Buddy Games Premise

The weekends Josh Duhamel and his childhood friends spent playing different games together over the previous 20 years served as the inspiration for Buddy Games. The idea behind the show is to unite groups of friends from various backgrounds so they can live together, take part in thrilling challenges, and demonstrate the strength of their friendships. The tone is established by CBS’s official description, which reads, “Six teams of four lifelong friends who met at different points in their lives come together for Buddy Games, an adult summer camp experience set in a gorgeous lakeside setting. 

In “Buddy Games,” the participants of “Ride or Die” have the opportunity to relive their best moments and engage in a variety of ridiculous outdoor physical and mental challenges while sharing a lake house. When these friends are put to the test to see whose ties are strong enough to survive the competition, rivalries and friendships will be rekindled. In addition to winning a cash prize and the coveted Buddy Games trophy, the last buddy team standing will also receive bragging rights.

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Buddy Games Host: Josh Duhamel

Josh Duhamel, the driving force behind Buddy Games, not only conceived the show’s concept but is also stepping into the spotlight as its host. Recognized for his impressive portfolio of work in both movies and television, including iconic roles in the Transformers franchise, Safe Haven, and others, Duhamel brings a wealth of entertainment experience to the table. 

With his magnetic charisma and engaging personality, he’s poised to inject an additional dose of enthusiasm and entertainment value into Buddy Games, ensuring that viewers are in for a thrilling and unforgettable ride.

Buddy Games: How to Watch the New Game Show
Buddy Games Global CTA

Buddy Games Teams

Six teams, each comprising four close-knit friends who met at various stages of their lives, are gearing up for the inaugural season of Buddy Games. Let’s take a quick look at these spirited teams:

  • Derby Squad: Jacky “Shu” Shu, Melissa Berglund, Shengul “Shaggy” Plummer, and Rachel Johnston make up the Derby Squad. These friends from Los Angeles bonded over their shared love for roller derby.
  • Chicago’s Finest: Hailing from Chicago, this team consists of David “Sarge” Moore, Elyse Rodriguez, Ikeila “Kei” Smart, and Melvin “Rae” Davis. Their camaraderie formed during their service as part of the Chicago police force.
  • Team Pride: Steven Mosier, Bekah Telew, Andrew Shayde, and Summer Lynne Seasons come from various corners of the country but found unity in the LGBTQ+ community and their competitive spirit.
  • Team OK: Justin Palmer, Stephen Craig, James Brian “Huddy” Hudson, and Yue Pun Szeto grew up and attended school together in Oklahoma. With Hudson now living out of state, they’re determined to make their reunion memorable.
  • Pageant Queens: Lauren Cisneros Campbell, Lourdes Spurlock, Yolanda “Yoli” Stennett, and Erika “Devi” Deveney Shea Wall are anything but ordinary pageant queens. They’re here to prove their mettle in the competition.
  • Philly Forever: Representing the City of Brotherly Love, Mike Ward, Erica Franzzo, Anthoy Franzzo, and Louis Meyers IV, and their wives, have been friends since their childhood days in Philly.

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How to Watch Buddy Games

Watching Buddy Games is a breeze, thanks to the multitude of options available to viewers. You can catch the show live on CBS, which is accessible through traditional pay-TV subscriptions or even using a TV antenna. If you prefer the flexibility and convenience of streaming services, you’re in luck. Buddy Games is also available on various live TV streaming platforms like RiverTV, Fubo, Hulu with Live TV, and YouTube TV. 

RiverTV subscribers can enjoy watching Buddy Games on Global. With such a wide range of viewing options, you can rest assured that you won’t miss a moment of the excitement and camaraderie that Buddy Games promises to deliver.

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, Buddy Games: How to Watch the New Game Show

Dive into the Thrilling World of Buddy Games on RiverTV

With Josh Duhamel as the charismatic host and six teams of friends ready to embark on an adventure like no other, Buddy Games promises to be a must-watch for fans of competitive fun and camaraderie. As CBS turns to reality TV and game shows to keep viewers entertained amid ongoing industry strikes, Buddy Games shines as an exciting addition to their 2023 fall TV lineup. 

Whether you’re a cable subscriber, an antenna user, or a streaming enthusiast, you have multiple options to ensure you don’t miss out on this thrilling game show. So, grab your remote, tune in to Global on RiverTV, and get ready for the excitement, the laughter, and the fierce competition of Buddy Games.

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