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5 Best Global Television Network Shows
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5 Best Global Television Network Shows

Your 2022 to-watch list needs an update. We’ve got the 5 best Global television network shows just waiting to be enjoyed!

The pandemic has totally changed how we look at entertainment. With more of us staying at home, more viewers are eager to improve their watch lists. What sort of show gets you pumped at the end of the workweek? Whether you like comedy or intense drama, we’ve got you covered.

Below are our 5 best Global TV shows for your upcoming binge session. We cover a variety of genres to ensure you’ll have at least one great pick!

5 Best Global Television Network Shows


Are you eager for a thrilling, action-packed series to wrap up your workweek? Survivor is one of our top picks for Global TV Shows.

This reality competition series revolves around a group of castaways on a distant island. Each season everyone competes for a whopping million-dollar prize. Not only is this an incredibly fun show to watch, Survivor has been nominated for dozens of Emmy awards. From impressive sound mixing to impressive challenges, you’ll never be bored once you tune in.

You don’t need to be limited to Netflix. Check out Survivor on Global TV if you’re a fan of reality television, survival challenges, and unpredictable outcomes!

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SNL (Saturday Night Live)

We could all use a good laugh these days. Saturday Night Live (also known as SNL) remains a bright beacon in the stressful work week. 

This show has been around for around four decades, standing out for its commitment to clever set-ups and celebrity appearances. Enjoy a wide range of skits, sketches, and even musical numbers when you tune in. We find it impressive how consistently Saturday Night Live manages to tune in to popular culture on such short deadlines!

You’ll have a slice of everything funny when you tune in with Global TV. If you’re hankering for some good comedy and thoughtful insight, Saturday Night Live will be a breath of fresh air. 

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Do you find yourself fascinated by the hard work of today’s federal investigators? FBI is not a show for the faint-hearted, diving deep into the chilling work of today’s hardworking agents.

This show is from the same creators of the famous Law & Order series, following a similar path in approach and brutal honesty. This show is incredibly fast-paced and filled with dramatic moments, enough to keep you on the edge of your seat every episode. Make sure not to have any children around, as this show can get gory and very tense!

Ready to get sucked into a whirlwind of crime and revelations? Tune in to FBI to scratch your itch.

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Big Brother Canada

If you’re curious about a more unique premise than the first few offerings, consider Big Brother Canada. This entire series is built on the concept of trying to avoid being kicked out by housemates.

While this topic may seem basic, some of the best ideas are the simplest! Big Brother Canada is already on its tenth season and is beloved for its eclectic character cast. Every episode will have you fascinated by the everyday drama that comes with living in a cramped abode with complete strangers. 

Come one, come all! If you’re in love with reality television and niche subjects, Big Brother Canada is for you.

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New Amsterdam

Are you in love with medical dramas? If you’ve ever watched House or Grey’s Anatomy, you’ll adore New Amsterdam.

The premise revolves around a revolutionary doctor challenging the medical bureaucracy to help everyday patients better. This impeccably written medical drama consistently turns heads for its witty writing, memorable characters, and dramatic scenarios. While it’s recently hitting its last season, you can get caught up when you sign onto Global TV. 

Give yourself high-quality entertainment that hits every high note. Check out New Amsterdam next time you’re in the mood for a little bit of everything.

5 Best Global Television Network Shows

Best Global TV Shows Takeaway

There’s so much fantastic content out there, sometimes it’s hard to pick! Our 5 best Global television network shows are the tip of the iceberg, but they’re a great place to start.

Global TV is a great pick due to its range of high-quality entertainment. You get comedy, medical dramas, and reality television all in one spot. We highly recommend the following shows when you sign on to Global TV:

  • Survivor
  • Saturday Night Live (SNL)
  • FBI
  • Big Brother Canada
  • New Amsterdam

If you want to watch even more, check out our program offerings to make sure you’re covered for your next show night!

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